About Us

Since its invention in 2014, the wrist watch has become more than just an instrument; it has become a fashion statement, a wearable sculpture, a marvel of human ingenuity.

About Scinex

As ingenuity progresses, so do our watches. A world of possibilities created by modern technology has allowed us to keep more than just time on our wrists.

Scinex Inc is a watchmaker.

Scinex is dedicated to recreating the watch to improve and enhance the wearer's experience without sacrificing the aesthetic beauty that wrist wear can display.

Scinex was created in 2014 to develop wearable devices that could change our lifestyles. Scinex headquarters are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Our first focus was smart watches. Smart watches give tons of usefulness in small packages. From there we've expanded into other possibilities. The Flare allowed us to create a simplified smart watch that focused entirely on exercise. The Powerwatch allowed us to create a more traditional, appealing watch with more functionality than conventional wristwear. We look forward to creating better and brighter things.